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As a farrier, you can now secure your record-keeping digitally. Easily document today’s visits, have all essential information available.

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”As a teacher at RS Strömsholm, I find it particularly rewarding to witness how PreVet Hoof not only improves teamwork within the industry but also enhances collaboration among teachers and students.

I also shoe horses that travel to various destinations, including the USA, for competitions, both in equestrian sports and harness racing. PreVet Hoof streamlines the collaboration between me and the farrier in the USA who temporarily shoes the horse. The ’shoeing card’ used in the USA is digitized through PreVet Hoof. 

It is rewarding to demonstrate to clients and potentially specialists the how and what of the shoeing process and the reasoning behind it. In the event of an injury or discussion arising, there is security in documentation, being able to review the conditions that were present, etc.

It’s very easy and quick to input information into the app, both text and any images/videos.” –Patrick Hedqvist

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