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Say goodbye to scattered information and hello to organised animal care, stable management and communication when you use the PreVet app. Trusted by top stables, farriers, and animal owners throughout Sweden and other countries.

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App and desktop version

Manage your animals, stable or records seamlessly

App and desktop version

Manage your animals, stable or records seamlessly


digitalize and experience

Enhanced efficiency, increased profitability, and lower risks in your daily operations by digitalising

PreVet STable


PreVet Stable

For professional stables

Improved stable routines and communication. All essential information gathered in one place in real-time – always accessible.

PreVet Hoof


PrEVet Hoof

For farriers

Access client information, horse information and records directly on your mobile device for easy record-keeping.

PrEVet PRo & Basic


PrEVet PRo & Basic

For animal owners

Document your animal’s everyday life for a comprehensive overview of all activities and health, care, and development. Available for horses, dogs, and cats.

What do our users say?


It is a valuable tool Haras de Prepinson - Eva schiller
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"We use PreVet to organize training sessions and the daily care of our 50 horses in the stable. It is an valuable tool to have all the information about each horse accessible on the phone for all employees" - Eva Schiller
Safer and, not least, it simplifies the jobÅgesta Gård
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"It's always important that everyone who handles the horse's everyday life is well acquainted with the horse's status. Therefore, it is important for us at Ågesta to be able to easily document all events for each individual horse with PreVet Stable and then to quickly reach all information via the app. It feels safer and not least it simplifies the job with a facility like ours with about 80 horses." - Kristian Von Krusenstierna
Successful and cost-effective healthcareWången AB Ulf Hedenström, veterinarian
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"For successful and cost-effective care of sick or injured animals, quick, wise, and fact-based decisions are required - along with a fast, direct, and honest communication pathway throughout the entire care chain. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case in reality, leading to dissatisfaction and various forms of unnecessary suffering for both the animals and their owners. PreVets app has all the potential to become the missing link we need" - Ulf Hedenström
Exceeded our expectationsBorebackar Gård
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"We started using PreVet Stable last summer, and I must say that it has surpassed our expectations. It has truly optimized our work, saving time and providing enhanced productivity both when we are in the stable and outside of it." - Alexandra Mörner

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PreVet is trusted and developed together with all three of Sweden’s national equestrian centres, top stables, farriers and animal owners. We’ve designed the app together with our users with the focus on simplicity and ease of use, ensuring a seamless experience for all users. 

We provide a solution for:

  • Stables, regardless of size
  • Farriers 
  • Animal owners (Horse, Dog, Cat)

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